Jennifer Hinson: Owner of Wholesome Bites

Hi, I’m Jennifer Hinson. Let me tell you how this all began. I am a homeschooling mother of 3 amazing bundles of joy. That means I’m a teacher, principal, counselor, cafeteria lady, janitor, bus driver, field trip coordinator, plus secretary and treasurer of the household finances. My kids have extracurricular activities, plus we were in a homeschool co-op. Life can get hectic, right? I’m sure you can relate. Well, every evening around 5:30 I would start hearing “What’s for dinner, Mom?” And then I have the joy of standing in the kitchen deciding what to cook, cooking it, and then sitting with my family to eat dinner together. Then comes the joy of clearing the table, washing the dishes and putting the leftovers away. It can get tiring. Then pulling together enough energy to give the kids baths, help with homework and tuck them into bed. Well, I decided to come up with a plan on making dinnertime much easier on myself as well as other busy families. Thus, Wholesome Bites was born. I make wholesome organic grass fed dinners that you can feel good about feeding to your families. All the meals come frozen. You just pop them in the oven and wait until the timer goes off. So simple! Such a life saver! Order here to get started!

Meet our team

Meet our Wholesome Bites Team!
Jennifer Hinson

Jennifer Hinson



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