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How It Works

Every Friday I publish a new menu on my Order and Facebook page.

Step 1: Place an order from the menu by using the order form found here on the site.

Step 2: Select a pick up day and time.

Step 3: Arrive to pick up your food in the parking lot.

Step 4: All meals come frozen so run home and put them in your freezer.

Step 5: When dinnertime rolls around, grab a meal out of the freezer, preheat oven to the correct temperature, place in preheated oven and set timer, sit back and relax with your family. When timer goes off, enjoy a home-cooked meal together.

Step 6: If you like the food, go order again!

Pickup Locations:

Church Project on Sawdust/I-45 @ 7pm on Sunday. We park near Sawdust Road in the parking lot of Bank of America.

Kroger on Rayford @ 7:30pm on Sunday. We park facing the gas station.

Target on Cypresswood @ Noon on Monday. We park on the aisle between Target and Ulta.

Target on Lake Woodlands @ 1pm on Monday. We park on last aisle closest to Guadalajara's.

Denny's on 1488 by Home Depot at 6 pm on Monday. We park in the back of the parking lot facing the mattress store.

Kroger on Spring Cypress @ 7:30pm on Monday. We park at the end of the parking lot closest to Wendy's.

Humble Area First Baptist Church on Townsend and 1960 on Tuesday at 6:30. We park by the children's area parking lot.